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...God for the Impossible!

Vision is different. We are a listener-supported radio network. That’s why we don’t have neverending ad breaks. It’s why we’re independent. It’s why we’re still able to bring you the trusted Christian message that you want to hear, and that you want your friends to hear. However, without your prayers and your financial help, we wouldn’t

Communities Nationwide!

Back in February 2013, we reported on the transformation of a tiny desert community on the edge of the east Kimberley region. Shirley Brown had approached Chariots of Fire about partnering with UCB to bring Vision to Mulan. It was her hope that Christian radio would be a catalyst in

We're sorry...

We are very disappointed to announce the cancellation of the planned "Signs & Times" events with Dr Chuck Missler and Walid Shoebat. Nancy Missler (Chuck's wife) has been battling cancer in recent years and her health has just taken a serious turn for the worse. Understandably, Chuck has

The Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost) - Leviticus 23:16-22

There are 7 mandatory Feasts* of the Lord that God instituted for His people to observe. It's an interesting point to note that when the Bible talks about leaven, symbolically it describes the influence of something and the majority of the time it's a metaphor for

...during the trip of a lifetime!

Journey with UCB to Israel this October for the Isaiah 62 tour: His Land, His People. Feel the heartbeat of the land where Jesus changed the course of history - where He was born and lived, and died, and rose again. Join the pilgrimage hosted by Ian and

Get ready to say 'Thanks'

Australia’s National Day of Thanksgiving is coming up on May 30th, and we’ve come up with a great way to show some gratitude. It’s called the “Photographic Gratitude Challenge”.

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