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Neil Johnson, Middle East Trip, 15 September 2014

YWAM Medical Ship, Tour Of The Ship, 12 September 2014

YWAM Medical Ship, Jennifer Perry, (YWAM Medical Ship Clinic Leader) 12 September 2014

YWAM Medical Ship, Hannah Peart, (YWAM Medical Ship Medical Coordinator) 12 September 2014

Living With The Enemy, Jenny Stokes (Salt Shakers),11 September 2014

Supersticious Christianity, Hannah Boland,11 September 2014

Prayer Vigil at Heath Ministers Office, David Pope (Love Makes a Way),11 September 2014

National Stroke Week, Karen Bailey (Stroke Foundation, Australia),11 September 2014

20140912H YWAM Ship

20140912G Jennifer Perry - Clinic Le

20140912F Hannah Peart - Medical Coordin

20140912E Jenny Stokes Salt Sha

20140912C Hannah Bo

20140912B Prayer Makes a

20140912 Jenny Stokes Salt Shakers

Supersticious Christianity, Hannah Boland,11 September 2014

YWAM Medical Ship, Fleming Isoroua, (YWAM Medical Ship Deckhand) 12 September 2014

Decriminalising Drugs, Bill Muehlenberg,(Culture Watch) 12 September 2014

New Gaming Laws in Victoria, Rev Tim Costello (Australian Churches Gambling Workforce),10 September 2014

Preparing For Disater, John Richardson (Australian Red Cross),10 September 2014

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