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Equal Opportunity Laws Danger, Dr Mark Durie, 24 Nov 2014

Christian Lobby Update, Lyle Shelton, 24 Nov 2014

20141121C Geoffrey Bullock - FRIDAY Wayne Goss Memorial - Reflections On Goss Era - Single.mp3

SU Schoolies Alternatives, Andrew Beavers, 21 Nov 2014

Debrief on G20 Direction On Tax Dodging and Corruption, John Beckett (Micah Challenge), 21 Nov 2014

Inside The Nye-Ham Debate, Ken Ham (AIG), 20 Nov 2014

Victoria Election Issues for Christian Voters, Jenny Stokes (Saltshakers), 20 Nov 2014

Schoolies Red Frogs, Andy Gourley, 20 Nov 2014

Ask an Evangelist, Bill Newman, 19 Nov 2014

New Ways For Leaders To Think, Mal Fletcher, 19 Nov 2014

G20 Wrap Up - Legal Perspective - Mark Fowler - CLEAR, 17 Nov 2014

Morals in the ADF, Bernard Gaynor, 18 Nov 2014

Fijian Canoes and Christianity, Rev James Bhagwan, 18 Nov 2014

Middle East Update, Ron Ross, 18 Nov 2014

Precious Unborn, Georgette Forney - Anglicans for Life, 10 Nov 2014

G20 Wrap Up - Finance, Gavin Martin - Cornerstone Wealth, 17 Nov 2014

G20 Wrap up - Christian Engagement, Wendy Francis - QLD Director ACL, 17 Nov 2014

G20 Reflections, John Anderson (Former Dep PM), 17 Nov 2014

Religious Freedom G20, Brian Grim, 10 Nov 2014

Christian Lobby Update, Lyle Shelton (ACL), 10 Nov 2014

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