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Terrorism Jihad and Bible Prophecy, Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat, 19 Dec 2014

Domestic Violence and Homelessness, Heather Holst, 19 Dec 2014

Jihadists Are Winning, Bill Muehlenberg (Culture Watch), 19 Dec 2014

The Relationship Minefield of Christmas, Genevieve Milnes (Psychologist), 18 Dec 2014

Evaluating Success This Year, Wez Hone (Business Coach), 18 Dec 2014

The Incarnation And The Virgin Birth, Ross Clifford (Morling Baptist College), 17 Dec 2014

Free Grief Resources, Brett Ryan (Focus On The Family), 17 Dec 2014

Omega Writers - Christian Writing In Australia, Anne Hamilton, 17 Dec 2014

Indigenous Recognition In Constitution, Norman and Barbara Miller, 16 Dec 2014

Churches Reflect On Terror Attack, Wayne Alcorn (Australian Christian Churches), 16 Dec 2014

Sydney CBD Terror Attack, Bishop Phillip Huggins, 16 Dec 2014

Terror Attack - Sydney, Dr Mark Durie, 16 Dec 2014

Terror Siege Reflections, Janet Woodlock (Churches Of Christ National Coordinator), 16 Dec 2014

Sydney Terror Siege, Keith Garner(Wesley Mission), 16 Dec 2014

Mid-Year Budget Review, Senator Eric Abetz, 15 Dec 2015

Suburban Captivity Of The Church, Tim Foster, 15 Dec 2014

Sitting Around The Big Table, Karl Faase, 13 Dec 2014

The Power of Proximity, Kim Beazley (Australian Ambassador to US), 12 Dec 2014

Despicable Dhimmitude, Bill Muehlenberg (Culture Watch), 12 Dec 2014

The Information Paradox, Dr Robert Wiles MD, 11 Dec 2014

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