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A high quality listening experience is available on Vision’s internet stream, in both AAC and MP3 format. The added benefit is that you can use your preferred media player as well as your smart phone to listen. A lower quality option is also available. Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer are just some of the options that will work with our MP3 stream. (Streaming Vision will use internet bandwith at the rate of approximately 5.3MB per 30 minutes for Low Quality or 14.1MB per 30 minutes for Standard Quality.)

No matter where you are in the world, you’re just one click away from hearing Australia’s national Christian radio network!

Listen via our website audio player...

Simply click on this link:

If it does not launch properly, you may need to first install an add-on (or plug-in). This is a simple and safe process - just follow the prompts. For Google Chrome users, install the 'Windows Media Player Firefox plugin' then refresh the window. Also, if your browser blocks popups, you will need to change it to 'always allow popups from this site'. The AAC and MP3 formats are listed in the popup window.

...or your own media player

If you'd prefer, you can use your favourite media player (eg Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, iTunes, VLC etc). Here's how:
1. Right click one of the links below and select "copy shortcut"
2. Open your Player - select Open URL (or equivalent instruction) and paste the shortcut and click OK

iPhone streamitall app...or on your Smart Phone or tablet!

There are several ways to access our stream on your device, but the easiest thing to do is download the free UCB Australia app for iPhone, iPad or Android. We've got a whole page about it here.


Apple TV

Using the Apple TV application for radio, search for 'Vision Radio Network' and tune in to your favourite programmes.


VAST Satellite Network

Vision radio is available via Channel 613 on the VAST Satellite Network. Simply press the green 'SHIFT' button on the remote and then the tv button (with the music note underneath) and then 613. Vision radio will be available loud and clear, day and night.


Happy listening! 

Feel free to give us any feedback on your listening experience - including where in the world you listen. We love hearing from listeners!


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