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Vision Christian Radio

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Listen Online Now

for all connection types*

smart phone
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iphone, android, windows and kindle fire
smart phone and tablet

apple tv

Using the Apple TV application for radio, search for 'Vision Radio Network' and tune in to your favourite programmes. apple tv

media player

To use your preferred media player choose a link below.       Media-Player

VAST satellite network

Vision radio is available via Channel 613 on the VAST Satellite Network. Simply press the green 'SHIFT' button on the remote, then the tv button (with the music note underneath) and then 613. Satellite

Happy listening! 
Feel free to give us any feedback on your listening experience - including where in the world you listen. We love hearing from listeners!

*If it does not launch properly, you may need to first install an add-on (or plug-in). 
This is a simple and safe process - just follow the prompts. Also, if your 
browser blocks popups, you will need to change it to 'always allow popups from this site'. 
The AAC and MP3 formats are listed in the popup window.

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