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Mission Network NewsGod is doing some pretty amazing things around the world though the efforts of millions of mission minded people, many of them in extraordinary situations of hardship or persecution and at great personal cost.

Through partnership with MNN, you'll hear regular updates on global missions activities during our news bulletins.

We hope this information helps you to pray, participate, and support missionary work to help further the Great Commission.

  • God’s Not Dead film: the full picture?
    USA (MNN) -- Christians are raving about the movie, God's Not Dead. Many have been encouraged in their faith. Its popularity has provided a unique platform for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to talk about secular universities as a mission field. Greg Jao of InterVarsity says, "God's Not Dead tells one story about the university, but the other... Read more
  • Outreach continues in Papua New Guinea despite crises
    Papua New Guinea (MNN) -- Parts of Papua New Guinea are dealing with strong earthquakes, aftershocks, flooding and now, landslides. New Tribes Mission has a strong presence throughout the archipelago, and thankfully, Jim Tanner says their team has not been affected by any of the disasters. "Our people are able to get in and out... Read more
  • Ukraine-Russia conflict broken down
    Ukraine (MNN) -- Russia has declared war on western policy and ideology that's having an impact on the Church. A Russian Ministries supporter says Ukrainian ministries are being marginalized by Russian Christians. Ukrainians aren't welcome to conduct seminars in Russia. A Web site for children is now "questionable" because it originates in Ukraine. Despite that,... Read more
  • Christ the only hope for Iraqi Christians, Syrian refugees
    Iraq (MNN) -- Iraqi Christians are facing the potential of yet another exodus. Steve VanValkenburg of Christian Aid Mission, your link to indigenous missions, explains: "When they've had people in their family killed or maimed, they feel they have no other option but to leave. What's ironic is some have gone to Syria, and now... Read more
  • New ‘JESUS’ film is now available
    USA (MNN) -- The most-viewed and spiritually impacting film in the world is now available in HD. In celebration of its 35th Anniversary, the JESUS film has been re–mastered in high–definition with a complete new musical score in Dolby surround sound. JESUS film leaders hope this will open new doors to a whole new generation... Read more

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