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Mandy Worby is Vision’s Music Director. She hides away in a small office surrounded by thousands of CD’s and while she’s working hard, some would consider that listening to music all day is hardly considered working! In fact she will heartily admit that she has the ‘funnest’ job in the building!

But, work hard she does – spending many hours a week auditioning new music that comes across her desk from new artists and many old favourits as well.

The main goal of the music department is to ensure that only the very best music makes it to our playlist and that it will greatly encourage you in your day to day endeavours and inspire you to pursue a closer walk with the Saviour.

Mandy will add regular posts to this blog sharing about the new music that is being added to Vision.

New Music - 2014 - Feb 17

Monday has rolled around very fast hasn't it? Welcome to another week of new music news here on Vision.

Jimmy Needham: 'Rock of Ages' from his The Hymns Sessions Vol 1 released on Platinum Pop/Needhim Music 2013.

The song can be so common that it can be taken for granted, kind of like "How Great Thou Art." We hear them so much that sometimes some of the mystery and wonder can be lost. Truth be told, there's some wonderful weighty concepts and archaic language that you have to sift through. 
When you think about the lyrics: "Rock of Ages, cleft for me let me hide myself in Thee; let the water and the blood, from Thy wounded side which flowed, be of sin the double cure, save from wrath and make me pure," who talks like that? The language is fairly complex.
What I've appreciated about hymns and what I strive for in my own writing is that strictly on a musical and artistic level, I appreciate songs from me and from others that force the listener to think a little bit to grasp the meaning. If you have to fight to understand something, at the end of the fight, if you grasp the truth, you own it in a way you wouldn't have if it was just spelled out plainly. Maybe that wasn't the case when hymns were written, but now we're forced to do a little bit of labor. What is this double cure? I appreciate that it makes me fight to understand the words. 
This song should cause us to repent as Christians. Tim Keller has a quote about Christian repentance, "The irreligious person doesn't repent of anything, and the religious person repents only of their bad deeds, but a Christian is unique in that they have to repent of their bad deeds and their good deeds before God." A Christian needs to stand before God and say, "nothing in my hand I bring." I'm not only sorry for all of the bad things I've done in my life, but I'm also sorry for all the things I've tried to do good and therefore avoided Christ the Savior in my life. Instead, I just have the Cross the boast in. On the surface, we are about good works, but the real good works of Gospel living come from the fact that we don't have anything good to bring on our own. That's one of the themes this song touches on which is such a treasure to me.
This song was written by Augustus Top lady in 1776. Like Jimmy, I also didn't grow up as a Christian or listening to hymns in my youth. I wasn't saved until after college in my twenties. As a result, I have an emotional connection to the truth of hymns. The truth of the words cut very close to my heart. I did live my life clinging to something other than Jesus. I did have idols in my life other than Jesus. I can sing this song with an abandon partly because I have regrets that I lived any of my life without knowing these truths.
That's partly why a hymn like this song really comes alive for me when I hear Jimmy sing it. I agree with and say Amen to every single word of this song. Jesus is our Rock of Ages, and not the Def Leppard song I sang growing up. We know Jesus is from Age to Age, from the Beginning and before He created the world, He was. God is ageless, and we also know that's "there is nothing we can bring and simply to the Cross we cling." That was the truth I needed to hear to become a born again believer. I thought I could somehow bring something to the equation. Now that I know that that I have nothing to offer, those words have a deep meaning to followers of Jesus.
This song takes my Christianity back to the basics, and makes me labor and think about whether I think I am bringing anything to the table. Apart from Jesus, I have nothing to offer. In that sense, all Christians can and should do a gut check when they sing this song, and think about whether they trusting in the Lord only for their salvation, for their security and for their atonement and grace. The song is truly a devotional challenge to think about whether we are putting all of our trust in our Eternal Rock Jesus, as in Isaiah 26, which also reads in verse 8: "…Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts." Amen.
Brian Weaver: 'Rain Or Shine' from their Let Love In CD released in 2012 on VSR.
‘Rain or Shine’ is a reminder that regardless of how stormy or bright and breezy our life may be, God has promised to be with His children every single solitary day. There is no valley so deep He can’t walk us through it and there is no mountain so high that He cannot reach it, God cannot and will not break His own promises to us.
Nichole Nordeman: 'Be My Rescue' from the My Hope: Songs Inspired By The Message & Mission of Billy Graham, released in 2013 on Sparrow / Capitol CMG Label Group.
“It’s not music that’s complicated and layered,” Nordeman said. “It’s just about the truth of Jesus. And so much about what Dr. Graham communicates is about our need for rescue. We need to be saved.”
Nordeman hopes the story of God’s saving power will show through her song. And maybe, just for a few minutes, listeners will be transported to the rocky coast of Oregon to pray as Nordeman prayed:
“Be my rescue, God, and let these waters not drown me, but save me.”

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Christine D'Clario: 'Magnified' from her Deeper CD Released in 2012 on the Integrity Label.

“Magnified” is a timely anthem for the redeemed that serves as a big thank you to God for saving us. This excerpt from the bridge of "Magnified" embodies the spirit of this song:

"The heavens can't contain

Your great love, Your great love

All the earth will rise to say

You're the One, You’re the One

Every heart and every soul

Will declare, will declare

Jesus magnified"


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Ignescent: 'Calling Out To You', radio single released in 2013 on the Shamrock Media Group. 
"Calling Out to You" is about the struggles that lead singer of Ignescent, Jennifer Benson, faced in her life. When her daughter was only 6 months her husband left and she didn't know what to do. She was crushed. Lies were told about her and she went through a 3 year custody battle for her daughter which she eventually won. She cried out to God and He helped her and turned her life around.
Psalm 116: 1-2: "I love the LORD, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live."
That's it for this week's new music here on Vision, I hope you enjoy them and I'll have more to share with you next week. 

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