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Mandy Worby is Vision’s Music Director. She hides away in a small office surrounded by thousands of CD’s and while she’s working hard, some would consider that listening to music all day is hardly considered working! In fact she will heartily admit that she has the ‘funnest’ job in the building!

But, work hard she does – spending many hours a week auditioning new music that comes across her desk from new artists and many old favourits as well.

The main goal of the music department is to ensure that only the very best music makes it to our playlist and that it will greatly encourage you in your day to day endeavours and inspire you to pursue a closer walk with the Saviour.

Mandy will add regular posts to this blog sharing about the new music that is being added to Vision.

New Music - 2014 - Feb 10

Welcome back to another week of new music on Vision, lets get started.

Casting Crowns: 'All You've Ever Wanted' from their Thrive CD released in 2013 on the Beach St/Reunion labels.

This song is about the tenacious, relentless love of God that doesn’t quit or give up on His children. Yes, He disciplines us when we sin, and sometimes the discipline can be hard and severe but that doesn’t mean God has forgotten us or rejected us, it means He’s walking us through the mess. His love for us isn’t dependent on how we feel, it’s dependent on His promises to His children.
On the days we doubt that He still loves and cares for us, look at the nation of Israel and see how often they failed and rejected their God and in spite of all those many times, God has kept His promise to keep them alive, to restore them to their ancient homeland and rebuild them into a powerful nation and even now when most of them are still in unbelief, He is watching over them and protecting them. 
All God has wanted from His ancient people is that they would love Him with all their heart, mind, soul and strength and that is what He wants from us too. 
If we give Him our heart, we give Him everything and that’s exactly what He deserves! 
City Harbor: 'Come However You Are' from their Come However You Are EP, released in 2013 on the Sparrow label.
“The heart of the song comes from Matthew 11:28 where Jesus says, “Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. We hope that through this song people will hear that anyone at anytime can come to Jesus.” – City Harbor
Phil Wickham: 'This Is Amazing Grace' from his The Ascension CD released on Fair Trade Services 2013.
“‘This Is Amazing Grace’ has actually been years in the making. I originally wrote it several years ago with a buddy of mine who was in the band Paramour at the time. It was re-written by another worship leader and what he did with it was so great, I’ve been leading the song in its new form at my home church. 
The song is simply about the amazing grace and unfailing love that this God – this King of glory – this King above all kings has shown to us. The verses are all about His majesty and what He has done – how He spoke the world into existence, how He brings order to our chaos, how He has made orphans and sinners His sons and daughters! By taking our place on the cross, He bore our sin and went to the grave so that we may be set free, so that we may be forgiven. It’s the story that God has written, and a story that He lets us be a part of.” – Phil Wickham
Praise & Worship - 7-8pm & 12-1am each day
The City Harmonic: 'Praise The Lord' from their CD Heart, released in 2013 on the Integrity label.
God is great. God is all powerful and far above this world, and all that goes on in the lives of men. From our vantage point our situations look all-consuming but from God’s vantage point our situations are meager at the very most. In all these things that concern and occupy us, we can Praise The Lord because He is King and Lord over all creation and He is the answer to every single situation we face be they good or bad.
Inspirational - 12am - 5am Mon - Sat, 12am - 9am Sun
Christine D'Clario: 'Magnified' from her Deeper CD released in 2012 on the Integrity label.
“Magnified” is a timely anthem for the redeemed that serves as a big thank you to God for saving us. This excerpt from the bridge of "Magnified" embodies the spirit of this song:
"The heavens can't contain
Your great love, Your great love
All the earth will rise to say
You're the One, You’re the One
Every heart and every soul
Will declare, will declare
Jesus magnified"
Youth Hour - 10:00-11:00pm Sat

Kutless: 'You Alone' their radio single released in 2013 on the BEC label.

"Our song 'You Alone' is meant to lift up and glorify the name of God. As we look through the Bible, we see many examples of Heavenly worship, which all center around the theme that God is deserving of recognition, majesty, honor, and praise. Through the process of writing this record, we feel that God has been showing us our purpose in leading the body of Christ in worship. The name of Jesus is mighty and powerful. Great is the LORD, ruler of all!" – Kutless
"…for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” - (Acts 4:12 NKJV)
That's it for this week, I'll be back next Monday with more new music news of Vision, take care and have a great week. 

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