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Mandy Worby is Vision’s Music Director. She hides away in a small office surrounded by thousands of CD’s and while she’s working hard, some would consider that listening to music all day is hardly considered working! In fact she will heartily admit that she has the ‘funnest’ job in the building!

But, work hard she does – spending many hours a week auditioning new music that comes across her desk from new artists and many old favourits as well.

The main goal of the music department is to ensure that only the very best music makes it to our playlist and that it will greatly encourage you in your day to day endeavours and inspire you to pursue a closer walk with the Saviour.

Mandy will add regular posts to this blog sharing about the new music that is being added to Vision.

New Music - 2014 - Mar 17

Welcome back for another week of New Music News on Vision, I’m sure you’re going to thoroughly enjoys these new additions.

Francesca Battistelli: ‘Write Your Story' from their If We’re Honest CD released on Word Entertainment this year, 2014.

This song is about allowing God to be the author of our lives to use us as He sees fit rather than us trying to determine what it is we’re supposed to be doing. We might think that our gifts and skills are the determining factor for what He wants us to do; we might assume we have gifts and skills that we really don’t have (we just wish we had them) and chase ministry opportunities that He isn’t really leading us into. Sometimes God does want us to use our gifts in service to him but for various reasons we ignore him and don’t do anything at all.

If we would take the time to lay down our own desires and agendas and allow Him to write our story He would achieve so much more through us and we’d have peace in our hearts that we’re doing what He wants us to do.

Acquire The Fire: ‘God Of Hope’ from their Epic Truth CD Released in 2013 on the eOne Music label.

“God of Hope” is the powerful debut single from Acquire The Fire and speaks to a Savior who is always with us and keeps us looking forward to the hope that is promised – He will never leave us nor forsake us, He is the God of Hope!

Shane & Shane: ‘Faith To Believe’ from their Bring You Nothing CD released on Fair Trade Services in 2013.

Powerful new single “Faith to Believe,” which Shane Everett wrote with Phil Wickham after noticing the beauty of the clouds on a plane ride, is ultimately about how our perspective shapes our circumstances. “It was a cloudy day the morning we took off from Dallas. When we were clearing the clouds, something dawned on me… the sun was still shining! Even when we can’t feel Him or see Him or hear Him, He is still there! Shining. Calling. Embracing. Be reminded of His ‘ever-present help in time of need!’” –Shane Everett


Praise & Worship: 7-8pm & 12-1pm each day

Lowell Pye: ‘Perfect’ from his Transformed CD released in 2013 on Overflow Entertainment/eOne Music.

Everybody has a past and everyone knows the pain of failure and guilt from both the sins we’ve committed against others and the sins committed against us. All too often, we don’t believe that God can use us or that He sees us as anything other than a broken, wretched mess.

But when He saved us, He clothed us with His righteousness and when He looks at us, He sees us as perfect.

In our daily lives we know we’re not perfect and that we still struggle and fail at times, but because of what Yeshua did for us, God looks at us and sees the righteousness of His Son which is perfect.


Inspirational: 12am-5am Monday to Saturday, 12am-9am Sunday0

Caleb Ray: ‘Yours To Hold’ from his This Little Light CD released by Kyle Fenton Promotions, 2013.

‘Yours To Hold’ is about knowing beyond the shadow of doubt that you know and belong to God alone; that He holds you securely regardless of the circumstances of life that is in a constant state of change or what the enemy has planned to try and derail you.

We’ll experience life on the mountain tops as well as in the valleys, we’ll have times of joy and laughter as well as times of intense pain and heartache, but because God promises to remain faithful to His children no matter what, we can know perfect peace and absolute assurance that we belong to God our Father and He will always hold us securely in His hands.


Youth: 8pm-10pm Saturday

Hawk Nelson: ‘What I’m Looking For’ from their Made CD released in 2013 on Fair Trade Services.

‘What I’m Looking For’ is about the importance of believer’s not to put their faith and trust in their emotions or in their own abilities. Our gifting and abilities might be world class but as sinful human beings there’s nothing we can do or make or present to God that will be even remotely good enough to compensate for our sins against Him.

Also, our emotions are fickle, they change daily and sometimes even faster than that! One day we might feel fantastic and believe that God is right beside us and then next day we might feel really down and believe that God has left us and will never return. Good news makes us feel invincible while bad news sends us into the pits of depression.

Hawk Nelson point out that we need to believe in God who is bigger than us, and unlike our emotions, He never changes and will never break His promises to us. We can have great confidence in putting our faith and trust in Him and Him alone.


Thanks for stopping by, I’ll have more New Music News for you next Monday, have a good week and take care.

Have a great week!




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