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New Music - Mar 05 2012 - Vision Christian Radio

Vision Christian Radio

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New Music - Mar 05 2012

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G'day and a very warm welcome to another week of new music info here on Vision. Thanks for stopping by!

First up this week is a new song from Jeremy Horn: 'Surrender' from his Sound Of The Broken CD, released on Fair Trade Services in 2011.

Proverbs 14:12 says, ‘There is a way which seems right to a man but its end is the way of death.’

This song by Jeremy Horn takes a sharp look at the difference between God’s way and the world’s way. Everything that man does in a bid to find happiness, success, fulfilment, satisfaction and significance is opposite to God’s way. Every one of us ultimately finds ourselves in a mess and we will try anything and everything to get ourselves out of the mire except God’s way. Our fallen nature by default will always come to God as a last resort.

The world’s system of justice and morality is corrupt and broken, the world’s philosophy regarding self fulfilment and satisfaction is narcissistic and selfish. God’s ways however demand the opposite, that we put self last and admit complicity in our own circumstances and seek the well-being of others before ourselves. This goes against our nature, but when we finally surrender and submit to God’s ways, there is incredible freedom and it’s in that surrender that we finally find all the things we’ve been craving all our lives.


Freddy Washington: 'We Are The City' from his The Jesus Record released this year on the Shamrock Media Group.

Freddy Washington is a new name to the Vision artist roster, but he is certainly not a newcomer to music ministry. In fact, it was serving in his father’s music ministry that inspired him to get into music ministry himself. While this CD release is his debut music release, he has actually already garnered Grammy, Stellar and Dove award nominations for work he’s done with several Christian artists. His musical influences are Andrae Crouch, Phil Collins, Kirk Franklin and MW Smith but his greatest passion is worshipping God and leading others in worship of God. He solemnly believes that as we focus of Christ and His sacrifice for us and we are reminded over and over again of the price He paid on our behalf, worship and gratitude should simply pour out of us. He believes there is nothing better than to sing about the perfect love, peace and hope that is found in the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He wrote "We are the city" to remind Christians and himself that it doesn't matter who you are, what your occupation is, your ethnicity, or where you live, if we've put our faith in Jesus, we’re part of a community that is much larger than ourselves. Jesus said in Matthew chapter 5 that we are a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. You might be a banker or a janitor. You may live in downtown or in the country; you may feel what you do from day to day is very important or you might constantly question whether you're making any kind of a difference at all. Wherever you find yourself remember, if you are a Christian you are part of the city that's shining light in a dark world. You can be a children’s sports coach or a plumber, a pastor or a fire fighter, a truck driver or a waitress but your light is shining because of Jesus presence in your life. As you follow Him, the true light, others around you will be drawn to this light and hopefully rescued from the blinders of sin. As we do all that we do to the glory and praise of our God; He will use us and our lives will have purpose beyond what our natural eyes can see.

Rush Of Fools: 'Beginning To End' from their We Once Were CD released on the E One label, 2012.

The reason we can't stop singing about the sovereignty of God is because the more we try and understand it, the more aware we become of how He loves us in a way that goes beyond our ability to grasp.  The lyric came about out of a night in a hotel room and wanting to write in simplicity the heart of the love story of God. Creation is about His glory. Life is about His glory.  Death is about His glory. EVERYTHING is really about His glory. May we find peace in the fact that 'over time and space' He stands and remains, 'sovereign over all.'  - Wes Willis & Kevin Huguley - Rush Of Fools

Just a couple more songs to bring your attention to this week. Adam Paul Williams does a wonderful job on 'A Mighty Fortress' which is a radio single released on the Sixsteps label released last year and this will begin airing during the Worship Hour (7-8pm every night of the week). Finally, Addison Road have a great song called 'Won't Let Me Go' which will be heard during our youth hours on Saturday nights. This song is from their Stories CD released last year on the Fair Trade Services label.

I'm sure you'll enjoy these latest song additions to the Vision lineup, I'll be back here again next Monday with another New Music blog so I'll catch you then, take good care and have a great week.


Mandy Laughing

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