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Simple Steps to Satellite Reception


Question: I cannot get Vision on my radio, what do I do?

Answer: If you’re in an area we don’t cover, or experience reception problems and would like a crystal clear signal 24/7, you can listen directly from the satellite. Vision is available nationally, direct from satellite using a receiver (also commonly called a ‘decoder’ or ‘set top box’) and dish.


Question: I don’t have a receiver, decoder or dish. What now?

Answer: You'll need to get some equipment to access our satellite feed(s). The good news is that the cost of satellite reception equipment has fallen dramatically in recent years, with dishes a common sight in Australia and worldwide so talk to your local TV antenna and satellite service suppliers.

If getting satellite equipment is not a viable option for you, Vision is also streamed live via the internet or through our free app for selected smartphones, tablets and e-readers.


Question: I have a dish on my house; how do I get reception?

Answer: You may be ready to tune in right now if you have Christian satellite TV or get your local TV via the VAST satellite service.
* Free-to-air Christian satellite TV subscribers: Grab your remote, select ‘radio’ and then scroll through the channels to see if you can find ‘UCB Radio’ or ‘UCB Australia’. Note that from September 1st 2014, you may need a high definition set-top box to receive us. If you get GOD TV but not the TBN channels, then you have a standard definition receiver and you'll need to upgrade. Details of how to tune in are at
* VAST TV subscribers: Just change the channel to 613 and there we are!
* You have a dish but it's not connected: Contact a local TV installer and ask them about setting you up with a HD receiver to access us (and Christian TV) via OPTUS D2 (Frequency 12581, Horizontal, SR 22500, FEC 3/4)

Question: Who can help me?

Answer: The best people to talk to will be your local TV antenna and satellite service suppliers. The Vision signal is freely available through a variety of options. Please note our technical team is focused on installing, maintaining and repairing the 590+ stations in our broadcast network. Consequently we are not able to offer support with individual setup and we thank you for your understanding. For more information, specifically for installers, click here.



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