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It's not as difficult as you might think

If you’re in an area we don’t cover, or experience reception problems and would like a crystal clear signal 24/7, you can listen direct from satellite. Vision is available nationally direct from satellite using a receiver (also commonly called a "decoder" or "set top box") and dish. Our signals are not encrypted so anyone with this equipment can listen.

Already have a dish on your house?

You may be ready to tune in right now.

  • If you get Christian TV channels like TBN or GOD TV: Most likely all you need to do is change the channel - grab your remote, select "radio" and then scroll through the channels until you find "UCB Radio" or "UCB Australia". If we're not listed, try re-scanning the channels on your receiver.
  • If you receive pay TV via satellite: With the addition of some relatively inexpensive equipment, you should be able to tune in too - see below.
  • VAST Satellite Network: Vision radio is available via Channel 613 on the VAST Satellite Network. Simply press the green 'SHIFT' button on the remote and then the tv button (with the music note underneath) and then 613. Vision radio will be available loud and clear, day and night.

No satellite reception equipment?

You'll need to get some to access our satellite feed(s). The good news is that the cost of satellite reception equipment has fallen dramatically in recent years, with dishes a common sight in Australia and worldwide.

If you’d like to explore this as an option, we suggest you print this page and take it to your local TV antenna installer and get them to set everything up for you. There is a large range of equipment on the market and they should be able to assist.

The Vision signal is freely available however please note that our technical team are focussed on installing and maintaining our broadcast network and unfortunately we are not able to offer support with setup.


For installers - tuning the receiver to Vision

The following is intended to assist equipment suppliers and installers.

Tuning in: Vision can be heard on one of 2 different satellite services covering all of Australia. Both are not encrypted.

  • Primary feed - 128kbps audio quality: This can be accessed via the Optus Aurora service on the C1 satellite (156 deg E, 12.407GHz, 30000Ms/s, Vertical). 
  • Secondary feed - 64kpbs audio quality: This can be accessed via the Optus D2 satellite - the same one broadcasting Christian channels like TBN, GOD TV etc. (152 deg E, 12.734GHz, 22500Ms/s, Vertical).

After performing a channel scan on either service, you'll find us listed amongst the radio channels as "UCB Radio" or "UCB Australia".

Antenna (dish) and LNB (Low Noise Block down converter): A Ku band dish is required. In most eastern coastal regions reasonable domestic grade reception can be obtained from a dish as small as 85 cm in diameter. However a larger dish will provide better performance during very heavy rain.

Note that pay TV signals are also located on C1 satellite but are horizontally polarised. If fitted with an dual output LNB, you can receive signals from both polarisations.

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