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Taking the kids to sport... working... or just relaxing - whatever your Saturday or Sunday is made up of, Jimmy will make it just that little bit brighter!


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Hourly from 6am (AEST) UCB News
6.15am (AEST) Light and Life

7.45am (AEST) The Word for Today (Bob Gass)

9.05am (AEST) History Makers
10.15am (AEST) Focus on the Family Australia
- practical, often humorous help


6.00am (AEST) Heart & Soul - with Jan Baker
7.05am (AEST) Face to Face

7.45am (AEST) The Word for Today (Bob Gass)
9.05am (AEST) Hour of Decision with Billy & Franklin Graham
10.05am (AEST) Destined to Win (Stuart Gramenz)
12.05pm (AEST) Lamplight Theatre
12.45pm (AEST) The Word for Today (Bob Gass)

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